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AΩA Fellowships and Awards




Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Fellowships

To promote basic and clinical research in medical fields, social science, or health services, AΩA awards up to 50 $5,000 fellowships each year to medical students at schools with active AΩA chapters.


$5000, one-half paid on announcement of the award, and one-half on approval by AΩA of a final report of the research. Up to $1000 will be reimbursed for travel to present research results at a national meeting.


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Helen H. Glaser Student Essay Awards

To encourage scholarly writing, this awards offers prizes for essays on nontechnical medical topics. Winning essays are published in The Pharos.


$2000 first, $750 second, $500 third, and honorable mention awards of $250 each.


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Pharos Poetry Competition

This competition awards prizes for creative poetry on a medical theme. Winning poems are published in The Pharos.


$500 first; $250 second; $100 third, honorable mention $75.


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Medical Student Service Project Awards

Annual grants of up to $2000 for the first year are available to medical schools with active AΩA chapters to support service projects benefiting either the school or its local community. Each school is eligible for one new project award per year.


The school will receive up to $2000 per year, renewable for a second year up to $1000 and a third year up to $500 to fund the project. Funding for the second and third years will be dependent on review by the national office of a progress report on the first or second years.


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Alpha Omega Alpha/Association of American Medical Colleges

Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Teacher Awards

Each year, in collaboration with the Association of American Medical Colleges, AΩA presents this award to four outstanding teachers nominated from medical schools in the United States and Canada. Past recipients of the award have developed medical education programs and materials widely adopted in medical school curricula. AΩA presents $10,000 to each award winner, $2,500 to the winner's teaching institution, and $1,000 to the AΩA chapter of the school.


This program is administered by the AAMC. For more information, visit AAMC's web site or contact Dr. Henry Sondheimer.


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Visiting Professorships

Visiting professors can both educate and stimulate students, residents, and faculty during their visits. AΩA provides the opportunity for each chapter to host one visiting professor per year for a day of activities, including grand rounds, meetings with small groups of students, and delivery of a lecture.


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The Volunteer Clinical Faculty Awards

Clinical faculty in community practices devote much time and effort to teaching students and residents, yet their devotion is rarely publicly recognized. This award may be presented annually to one doctor in each AΩA chapter in recognition of his or her indispensable services.


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Administrative Recognition Award

In recognition of the services provided by administrative personnel to the working of local chapters, chapter councilors may nominate a member of administrative staff for this award, which is in the form of a gift certificate.


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Leaders in American Medicine

In 1970 the society launched a program to record on videotape interviews with leading figures in American medicine. The recordings may be borrowed without charge from our library. They have been donated to the National Library of Medicine, and may be purchased by contacting the NLM.


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